Back in the late 90’s, New York State’s Worker’s Compensation plan announced that they were changing pay rates on most services provided to workers throughout the state. I went to a meeting about a week afterwards where people were discussing the problems they believed were coming, and wondering how they were going to submit claims.

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I said I was going to continue mailing out bills as if nothing had changed. Some of them thought that sounded strange, and asked if I wasn’t worried about getting paid properly. I said that if I noticed something drastically out of whack that I would question it, but overall, as long as we were getting paid, that was the most important thing to me.
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Most of what is done in patient accounting (aka patient financial services) is fairly simple and routine. The days of only paper claims are gone (but not totally eliminated). These days, if registration has done its job, and the departments have done their jobs, and your charge master is up to date, most of the time your billing personnel will never even see an account, let alone touch a bill.

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This doesn’t mean there aren’t complications, otherwise every single claim would be paid and there wouldn’t be a need for receivables personnel; that’s a nice pipe dream. There’s always something getting in the way of trying to bring in the money you’re owed, but for the most part you’re okay with it because it’s consistent with your norm.
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Let’s cut to the chase; smoking is one of the nastiest habits in the world today. It’s the one habit that not only impacts the smoker, but impacts everyone else around the smoker.

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First, the nasty part. Smoke stinks, whether it’s cigarettes, pipes, cigars, marijuana,… you name it, it smells. Smoke wafts everywhere; if there’s one smoker in the room, everyone knows it, whether that person is smoking or not. It gets on people’s clothes; it gets in their hair. It burns people’s eyes. And it stays around for what seems like forever; even non-smokers have to go home, take off their clothes, and throw them in another room, then wash down before going on with their business. There’s nothing worse than smelling smoke on someone else, and, strangely enough, smokers can’t smell it.
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Do you suffer from fears that you don’t quite understand? Do you sometimes feel hesitation when you’ve been invited to a party? Or maybe feel everything closing in on you when you think about things such as flying or bugs? fear of death If so, you probably suffer from some kind of phobia. Phobias are […]

I set out trying to do an article on how long hospital and physicians billing offices should retain their records. Once I got into it, I realized it could turn into a major project. It turns out each state gets to determine the length of time medical and billing records are expected to be kept. […]