Everyone knows that smoking is the number one factor in both lung cancer and emphysema. The reason a lot of people ignore those is because they’re not immediately visible. It takes years for most people to develop problems from both of these; out of sight, out of mind.

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If you’ve seen any of those commercial on TV from former smokers and some of the damage they had to endure, and you haven’t stopped smoking… well, there’s no real hope for you at this juncture. Many of those stories are horrifying, along with the commercials telling us all the nasty things that are in cigarettes.

My dad was a smoker from the time he was 12 until his early 50’s, when he finally quit for good. However, all those years of smoking, along with exposure to Agent Orange, was too much for his body to bear, so when he was eventually diagnosed with lung cancer… well, I’ll leave it at that.

There are many things that are noticeable from smoking that are pretty bad. I often wonder how smokers can miss it when we nonsmokers can tell pretty easily. You can believe other people are; if you’re a nonsmoker own up to this so others know.

In any case, there are telltale signs of cigarette damage. Let’s address 5 of those things here.

1. Teeth.

Smoking will change the color of your teeth from white to yellow and, in some people, brown. This one isn’t even hard to see by others, but most smokers don’t see the change because it doesn’t happen overnight. However, usually within a year if someone has become at least a pack a day smoker you can see the difference.

2. Skin tone.

It doesn’t matter what your race is, is you smoke a lot your skin tone will change. It starts taking on a look as though your skin is drying out, maybe not to the extent where it looks like you’ve tanned too much but still leathery looking. Even if you’re someone who’s normally full of life others will know there’s something bad going on.

3. Coughing.

How does anyone miss this? Some people think they have constant colds but the truth is that if you get to this point you’re already over the edge and should probably be thinking about quitting. Smoker’s cough is easy to tell because it always sounds like there’s a lot of phlegm in it. And smokers don’t necessarily have to be smoking for the cough to come.

4. Smell.

This involves more than your clothes smelling of cigarette smoke, which is always surprising that smokers can’t smell it, even after their clothes have been washed. Smokers have a scent what comes through their pores when they sweat, and they don’t have to be sweating from a lot of exertion either. Cigarette smoke goes through the entire body and the poisons have to have multiple ways of getting out of the body. By the way, marijuana has this same effect, which is why it’s pretty easy to know when someone smokes a lot of it.

5. Eyes.

Most heavy smokers have eyes that look bloodshot all the time and why wouldn’t they? Eyes get it from both sides, as smoke circles back and goes right into the eyes and, once inside the body, is one of the areas where smoke immediately goes and, in some people, actually comes out through the eyes. Of course poisons from cigarettes get into the blood stream and there are veins in the eyes so that’s not helpful at all.

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