Greetings, and welcome to Medical Billing Answers Blog; my name is Mitch Mitchell. I am a health care revenue cycle consultant, which means I understand the entire process from admissions through collections, charge master, compliance and revenue generation. I’ve been in health care for more than 35 years.

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Hi, I’m Mitch Mitchell

This is part of my called Medical Billing Answers website that offers general answers about medical billing terms and information, mainly for patients. There are some articles on the main site about medical terms like diagnosis codes, procedures codes, etc.  This blog will answer questions specific to medical billing issues, some that readers and visitors might ask.

The information shared here will be accurate, I will not answer all questions for free; I am a consultant after all.

Everyone gets one question answered for free. You can clarify your question with more information but you still only get one question. If it’s a question worthy of a new blog post, you’ll get a lot more detail. Otherwise, my answer is the answer to the best of my ability.

So, I welcome your questions and some of them will appear on the blog as a blog post.  Others, as I said, will require payment.  You can write me at and ask your question. If you’re a medical entity, you can also check out my other business blog, Mitch’s Blog and view the Health Care category; you might find some answers there.

If you’re in need of a charge master or revenue cycle consultant, you can check out my website or send me an email at My main business site is T T Mitchell Consulting Inc. I’m always available for consulting opportunities.

If you’re unsure of how helpful I can be, check out this link where I talk about helping a hospital increase their revenue $730 million in one year.

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