Well, that was interesting. The last article I wrote on this blog was last December 26th, the day after Christmas, and I was ready to shut down this blog and website forever. I removed a lot of blog posts and moved them to my business blog, where I also talk about health care finance issues as well as leadership, diversity, and other things associated with internal business policies.

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What happened? The domain name was within 2 weeks of disappearing forever… then a marketing friend of mine reached out asking if I’d ever thought about creating a membership site of some kind. I read a few articles he’d written, did some other research and thought “hey, maybe I can do something like that concerning health care finance”, and with a week to go I renewed the domain name for another two years.

That was at the end of June; what’s happened since then? Pretty much research and nothing else. I’ll own up to what many others have owned up to, dealing with the pandemic times is more exhausting than expected. I haven’t written any new content here until this article, and I’m not bringing back any of the previous articles I moved from here. I’m still thinking about that membership site, but I’m also thinking about a few changes here.

Let’s talk about the changes first. When I created this site, it was to help people outside of health care, giving them information and tips that might help them get their medical bills paid, as well as help them learn how to ask questions regarding their bills for both insurance companies and providers.

At some point I started putting different types of articles here that should have been on my business site. A lot of professionals came here instead of there, asking questions that I lovingly answered; sometimes I feel like Hermione Granger. lol

I realized I was competing with myself, which is always a losing battle. A lot of the articles I was putting on here should have been on my other site. So, from this point on, any articles that show up here will be more patient friendly, while articles for professionals will show up on my other site. That way I hope not to be competing with myself…

Kind of…

Because, if I ever get around to creating that membership site concerning health care finance, which will include charge master types of content, it’ll be created here. That means every once in a while I’ll probably have an article geared towards medical billing and revenue cycle topics, but they won’t be as detailed as I’ve been previously.

Instead, they’ll be geared towards promoting the membership site, where all the content will be together in one place. It will include articles, videos, and visuals if I ever figure it all out. I haven’t even thought about how to price any of it yet; it’s a work in mental progress before I do anything else.

In any case… the blog’s back, the website’s still kicking around, and I’m going to make sure the webpage’s I created with different insurance information are accurate and a bit more detailed than they probably are now. I figure if I’m going to keep it around for a while, I might as well make the best of it.

Let’s see where it goes; thanks for being former and, hopefully, new readers!

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