Health Care

It almost seems silly to have to have a discussion on compliance, or, rather, why every hospital, nursing home, physician’s office, FQHC, etc, needs to have a compliance plan, if not a compliance officer. eloisa / Pixabay Yet, after being contacted last week about the possibility of doing a compliance review at a medical facility, […]

I made one of those critical mistakes those of us can make who are trying to take care of our elderly parents and don’t have any of the skills needed to do it right. I recently discovered that one of the major reasons my mother was having trouble walking is because she hadn’t been taking […]

A recent article by CNN titled ‘The older you are, the worse the hospital is for you’ was a bit over the top when it comes to elderly care while they’re in the hospital. Unfortunately, they did touch upon some issues that are very real and worrisome. Daniel Oines via Compfight The fact is that […]

For most families the most difficult conversation to have concerns money. It gets especially difficult when one party is getting up in age and has to start thinking about their future and the future of their loved ones as it concerns their assets. It’s hard to suddenly be revealing as it applies to your income […]