Patient Accounting

Most of what is done in patient accounting (aka patient financial services) is fairly simple and routine. The days of only paper claims are gone (but not totally eliminated). These days, if registration has done its job, and the departments have done their jobs, and your charge master is up to date, most of the […]

As a consultant, every once in a while I’m asked to come in and assume the position of interim director of patient financial services. There’s a difference between going into a position where you know you’ll only be there for so many weeks as opposed to knowing that you’re coming in as a permanent employee. […]

I often talk about a hospital’s charge master as the respiratory system of a hospital. I now have to admit that’s a bit biased and not quite correct. Whereas it’s way more important that many C-level executives believe it is, it’s the entire revenue cycle that is more like the respiratory system. This is part […]

Many years ago I lost my job as business office manager at a medium sized hospital in the central New York area. I challenged it in court and after a lengthy trial I lost, which was expected because it was a case against the city, a city lawyer represented the hospital and a city judge […]

This is not only the final day of all my marketing for products and services but the last new post of the week on the subject. It’s been a wild week and I’m looking forward to great things as time goes on. In my last post titled Medical Billing Et Al… I shared the other […]