Patient Accounting

Most of what is done in patient accounting (aka patient financial services) is fairly simple and routine. The days of only paper claims are gone (but not totally eliminated). These days, if registration has done its job, and the departments have done their jobs, and your charge master is up to date, most of the […]

I often talk about a hospital’s charge master as the respiratory system of a hospital. I now have to admit that’s a bit biased and not quite correct. Whereas it’s way more important that many C-level executives believe it is, it’s the entire revenue cycle that is more like the respiratory system. This is part […]

Question: We have one patient/claim with two or more procedure codes all with a 360 revenue code. Our procedure charges are bundled into one dollar amount. Our three CPT codes are: 64483, 64484, G0260. We’ve tried putting -0- dollar amount on the subsequent lines with the appropriate second and third CPT code. We’ve tried putting […]

Question: Right now, we have a room rate which is $499.00 higher than our regular inpatient bed. This charge is added when a RN begins isolation protocol. All other accommodation changes are done by physician order only. I have asked the question if this is okay if there is no physician order, as I worry […]

I feel for you, patient accounting directors, office managers, supervisors, billers, registration folks, collectors, etc. In today’s tough healthcare economy, upper management keeps trying to find ways to reduce staff yet increase productivity. Not that life was simpler when everything was billed on paper, but it’s harder these days to get a bill out correctly […]