revenue cycle

I set out trying to do an article on how long hospital and physicians billing offices should retain their records. Once I got into it, I realized it could turn into a major project. It turns out each state gets to determine the length of time medical and billing records are expected to be kept. […]

Medical fraud and abuse costs both the government and insurance companies billions of dollars each year. Some fraud and abuse is unintentional, but in other cases, it’s intentional and known to be criminal. When that happens, fines and lawsuits are filed, and sometimes, someone goes to jail. Almost daily there’s a news story somewhere about […]

We hear about it on television all the time now, both on the news and news programs. It’s the scariest thing to hospital patient accounting departments throughout the country since DRG’s. I’m talking about the Medicare fraud and abuse audits that have suddenly become the government’s best way to fund national programs. longislandwins via Compfight […]

This is one of 5 blogs I own. It’s the only one geared towards medical billing and health issues. As you’ve noticed, when I talk about the financial side of health care I talk about it from the inside. That’s because my main career is being a health care finance consultant. I’ve worked with a […]