Most nutritionists believe that filtered water is healthy water because of its alkaline pH balance. I can testify to some of that belief. This article is my personal story about Kangen’s filtered water and the machine my wife bought because of its health benefits.

kangen water

I first saw a Kangen water machine when my wife came home from an assignment in another state. She told me it was a specially filtered water that all the hospitals in Japan use because it makes a more alkaline water, the range being between 8.5 and 9.5, very healthy stuff, like spring water. Normal alkaline water comes in at a pH range of 7.0, and there are debates as to just how much healthier that is that acidic water. There seems to be no question about the higher pH water.

With all that said, the numbers didn’t really mean much to me I have to admit. I live in central New York, and we have some of the best tasting water in the country, having won or placed in many water testing contests. I like our water and I drink a lot of it, so I didn’t see the need for filtered water.

Still, I’m a good husband, so I decided to give it a try. I have to admit it was pretty good. It reminded me a lot of Fiji water, which I actually buy a lot while I’m traveling even though it costs more than other bottled water. I mentioned that to my wife, who said that in taste it’s pretty much the same thing, but the Kangen water is healthier because you’re making it fresh, whereas Fiji water can take up to 3 weeks to get here from Japan, thus its health benefits are diluted.

She then asked me if I’d take the challenge and only drink the Kangen water for a week. That meant I had to give up my diet soda, although I didn’t have to give up tea since I could make that with the same water. I wasn’t sure why she wanted me to do it but I figured I’d go ahead with it; as I said, I’m a good husband.

She started me on 8.5 because she knows I usually jump right in at the top of almost everything. She said I should work my way up to the 9.5. So I went along with her recommendation.

Within a few days of drinking this water, I did notice something had changed in my body. I started having regular bowel movements, something that’s never been a part of my life, even years ago when I tried taking Metamucil. I was going regularly… which includes multiple times a day. I also wasn’t in any distress; things were moving along smoothly and I felt just a little bit lighter. I had never thought about it before, but being bound up without being able to have regular bowel movements is a bit restricting.

I mentioned this to her at the end of the first week and she smiled. She said the Kangen people don’t make proclamations about health and the water because they’re really not supposed to (although I’ve heard a few people do it so it doesn’t seem to be a universally agreed thing) but that it affects people differently. She said some people find that their skin clears up and that it can help with things like psoriasis. It turns out there’s also a shower unit (Anespa; we don’t have that) which some people use that reduces both chlorine and acid that the body absorbs from showers and baths.

After drinking the water at 8.5 for a week, I decided to jump all the way up to 9.5. I’ll admit that turned out to be a mistake. Even though the water tasted the same, I got diarrhea that lasted 2 days from it; that was quite unpleasant. She laughed and said she warned me; why don’t I ever listen to her? lol

I had to give it to her that this water, which runs through 7 filters on the machine she has, really did something for me that I wasn’t expecting. That and it tastes pretty good at the same time.

For me, one other health benefit is that it does make the 7.0 water, which is the standard alkaline water, but it’s also distilled water. Since I use a BiPAP to help me sleep, and it has a water module that you can only use distilled water for, I never have to buy another bottle of distilled water again. I can live with that! 🙂

One last health item involves cuts, scratches and other irritations outside of the body. Her machine makes a water that comes out at 11.5 pH which can be used as a spray or wash that you can use on the affected areas, thus you don’t need chemicals to put on them. I don’t want to say that it healed a paper cut I got, but I will say that the pain went away quicker than normal and, unless I looked closely, I couldn’t even see where I’d been cut.

That’s all I’ve got. Since my wife markets the machine and the product, I’m not going to recommend that you try it for yourself. I will recommend that if you want more information on it than what I gave that you can either click on her link above or do some research online.

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