As of October 1st, the coding standard for diagnosis coding has changed in the United States. It’s gone from what used to be called ICD-9 to ICD-10. Hospitals and physicians across the country have been scrambling to get their coders trained for the new system, even though it’s been around since 1995, because most insurance […]

We’ve become a society that likes to self diagnose ourselves via web searches. We also like to learn more about our health, the medication we take, and a lot of other things related to health topics overall. There are a lot of websites offering advice and articles that are helpful. But are all of them […]

Everyone knows that smoking is the number one factor in both lung cancer and emphysema. The reason a lot of people ignore those is because they’re not immediately visible. It takes years for most people to develop problems from both of these; out of sight, out of mind. Lindsey Turner via Compfight If you’ve seen […]

If women are smoking before they get pregnant, many of them continue smoking well into their pregnancies. Of course, this can cause harm to both mothers and babies, and they should stop smoking immediately. But it seems life just isn’t that easy for expectant mothers. Valentin Ottone via Compfight It’s hard enough for women to […]

You see advertisements for these types of machines and contraptions all the time. A person is basically standing there doing absolutely nothing while your machine or a belt is vibrating around them, stimulating their muscles. Then when the person either takes the belt off or gets off the machine, you see these fabulous bodies that […]