In a recent news story that almost brings the word “duh” to the forefront, some experts have stated that sitting too long is bad for people’s health. In general that seems to make sense, as most of us know that we’re supposed to be moving more so that we can feel better physically. But these experts have taken it a little bit further than that.

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They said that there should be guidelines for how long people should be sitting at one time. Even for people who do exercise on a consistent basis, sitting for even four hours at a stretch can cause harm to the body that exercise can’t overcome. The thought is that not only should we not sit for long periods of time, but that when we get up from sitting we should be exercising at least a little bit rather than trying to concentrate our efforts on exercising all at one time.

On the surface some of the recommendations seem to make sense, but don’t seem to be very practical. If you’re working a 9-to-5 job and your job is pretty much sitting at a desk and a computer, you don’t have a lot of options. Sure, you get breaks and you get a lunch, but it doesn’t seem practical for almost anybody to use their break time to find a way to exercise since it’s usually only 10 to 15 minutes at a stretch. Often it’s more important to take a mental break than it is to take a physical break, although there are some who will probably say that you can do both if you decided to walk around the building a few times.

One interesting thing that came out about the study is that other than saying people shouldn’t sit for too long, they make no real recommendations as to the limit of how long people should sit, or the amount of exercise that people should try to get during these break periods. They said that the research still needs a lot more work and a lot more refinement before they can come up with any real recommendations.

Therefore, it’s incumbent upon us to try to protect ourselves by finding ways to get up from our desks and chairs every so often and do something physically, even if it is just a short walk. It’s not quite exercise, which means it probably won’t make you all that much healthier or help you lose weight, but it probably helps to relieve some stress on your back and, believe it or not, your legs.

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