There are a lot of people who are going to gag about this one, but there is an alternative medicine theory known as urine therapy, which purports to use human urine in some capacity to help cure many illnesses or maladies. jnshaumeyer via Compfight This isn’t something new by the way. You can go back […]

I first encountered qi gong by watching the morning show Sunrise Earth on the Science Channel. A group of people lined up along a river and started going through these very slow and deliberate motions, waking up their bodies and rejuvenating themselves in the early morning sunlight before going about their day. HENRION ALAIN via […]

You hear that term “alternative medicine” used often, but it’s possible that you’re either defining it too tightly or too loosely. Alternative medicine is quite often something that’s looked at and lightly regarded in medical circles. That’s not only a false assumption, but a limiting one, because sometimes an alternative medicine solution might be something […]