Well, that was interesting. The last article I wrote on this blog was last December 26th, the day after Christmas, and I was ready to shut down this blog and website forever. I removed a lot of blog posts and moved them to my business blog, where I also talk about health care finance issues […]

How many of us put ourselves in the place of patients when we send them itemized bills that may be in error? Most of us rationalize it by saying insurance won’t be paying all those charges anyway, but what about self pay patients? Though we’re used to seeing some of the amounts as they pertain […]

I originally wrote this article in 1998 and had it published in an organizational magazine. It’s meant to be both a tongue and cheek look at medical billing as well as part of the reality of what some patient accounting directors deal with on a daily basis. highwaysengland via Compfight One of the difficulties all […]