Do you believe hospital prices are too high? What about fees from physician offices? HA! Designs – Artbyheather via Compfight If so, you’re not alone. Everyone has had to deal with a hospital or physician bill at some point in their life, whether for themselves or family members. Most people talk about how the cost […]

We hear about it on television all the time now, both on the news and news programs. It’s the scariest thing to hospital patient accounting departments throughout the country since DRG’s. I’m talking about the Medicare fraud and abuse audits that have suddenly become the government’s best way to fund national programs. longislandwins via Compfight […]

Question: We have one patient/claim with two or more procedure codes all with a 360 revenue code. Our procedure charges are bundled into one dollar amount. Our three CPT codes are: 64483, 64484, G0260. We’ve tried putting -0- dollar amount on the subsequent lines with the appropriate second and third CPT code. We’ve tried putting […]