As the title says, this is the last post on Medical Billing Answers Blog. This is to explain why it’s happening and what’s going to occur going forward.

This blog is part of a website where the initial intention was to provide information for patients as well as help to answer any questions they might have about both health care finance issues and issues with their medical bills. It was also a vehicle to help people connect with one of my other blogs and websites, which I’ll mention below, as my background is as a health care finance consultant as well as a leadership trainer and presenter.

Two things ended up happening that I hadn’t quite expected.

One, most of the questions and comments I’ve received are from health care folks rather than patients and potential patients. That’s not necessarily a problem, but almost no one who connected with me here ever went to my business site or blog; that defeated part of the purpose of this blog and website.

Two, sometimes I’d write an article and wonder which blog it should be a part of. There are articles here that would have worked nicely on my other blog, and articles there that would have worked well here. I found myself putting more direct health care finance issues here, which means I was competing against myself in this field; that’s just silliness.

This domain will disappear in a few months, but by that time any articles on this site that can be used elsewhere will be moved to one of two other blogs and only articles that I can’t place anywhere else will remain. This means that the article that’s received the most attention here, which is regarding revenue codes, will definitely be moved to my other site sometime in January.

I mentioned two blogs. One of those blogs is titled Mitch’s Blog, which is my actual business blog. I talk about leadership, diversity and a host of business topics but I also talk about health care finance issues over there. This is the blog that the revenue codes articles will definitely be moved to, and if you decide to search you’ll find other articles there on revenue codes and other finance topics.

The other blog some of the health care articles will go on is what started out as my local area blog, but now has articles on other topics that I’ve written over the years in other places that I think deserve to be preserved. That blog’s called Syracuse Wiki, which I doubt most of you will never have a need to visit. Still, if you like more than just articles on business you might find some of it entertaining.

This article will remain up until the website shuts down. If you’ve shown up here looking for billing and coding information, come on over to Mitch’s Blog and find an article there that used to be here and we’ll have a short conversation. Like I’ve stated here in previous articles, I’ll always answer one question for free; all others, including followup, will have a nominal cost. I am a consultant and business person after all. 🙂

To those of you who’ve subscribed or stopped by to ask a quick question, I thank you for that and for allowing me to assist you with your issues. I hope to see you in my original space soon.

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