There are a lot of people who are going to gag about this one, but there is an alternative medicine theory known as urine therapy, which purports to use human urine in some capacity to help cure many illnesses or maladies.

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This isn’t something new by the way. You can go back to the time when the Roman Empire was still strong to find that they used human urine for a variety of things. It was actually the Gauls who used urine to clean their teeth. Around the same time in India, urine used to be called “pure water”, and was said to help reduce the aging process as it applied to people’s skin. In more modern times, urine has been used to treat skin infections in some capacity, and even the Ayatollah Khomeini, who some people might remember as the cleric who was ushered into power during the overthrow of the Shah of Iran back in the 1970s, used to drink a cup of his own urine every three days.

Depending on who you talk to, urine is either a byproduct of all the wastes in the body that are released in liquid form, or a pure disease fighting solution that’s gone through an extensive filtering process in the body and therefore is perfect for fighting things such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, mononucleosis, even allergies. Some of these claims seem ludicrous on the surface; does that mean that all claims are?

Since urine is 95% water, in dire situations drinking one’s urine can actually keep them alive. Urine from both humans and animals has been tested to find out if it has any properties that can help people. Every once in a while they do find that by extracting certain things from the urine of other animals that there are some health benefits.

In general, any health benefits that can be derived from human urine can be found in so many other things that would be more helpful that, as a disease fighter, urine would never be considered as the first choice.

In taking care of things such as infection or fungal issues, using one’s urine might help, and it would certainly be a cheaper alternative than any other option. Therefore, it’s hard to dismiss its use offhand just because it might seem distasteful to most of us. Something else to consider however, is that not all urine a body produces is the same.

For instance, if you’ve just consumed a half a gallon of water and you’re urinating every 15 minutes, that urine won’t do you any good because it hasn’t been in the body long enough for any real processing. If you’re going to use urine, you want to make sure it’s urine that’s been in your body for a while. The more yellow is, supposedly the more effective it is.

Urine therapy might not be a total crock, but luckily there are many more palatable treatments that we can look to instead.

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