You see advertisements for these types of machines and contraptions all the time. A person is basically standing there doing absolutely nothing while your machine or a belt is vibrating around them, stimulating their muscles. Then when the person either takes the belt off or gets off the machine, you see these fabulous bodies that they attribute to using these items.


I hate to be the one to tell you this, but none of these things work. Nobody can get their bodies into shape without putting a little bit of work into it. Although your mind might believe that this kind of technology could potentially work, it doesn’t.

Let’s think about this process for a moment. If this could really work, would there be a need for gyms or fitness clubs to exist in their present form? Wouldn’t doctors be recommending this for all of their patients who need to either lose weight or get into shape? They all know that their patients aren’t doing everything they should be doing to keep themselves healthy, and something like this would be a perfect alternative to force them into better health.

The concept of vibrating machines actually came about decades ago. It was believed that one could tighten muscles by vibrating them through mechanical means. It was also believed that these machines could help you lose weight by helping you burn calories.

These machines were so popular in fact that many health clubs had them because their customers asked for them. When they were studied later on, it was found that the machines could actually burn calories because some users did break a sweat, but the amount of calories burned was so low that nobody could actually lose weight from it.

From the 1980s up to the present time, the big bulky machines have been replaced by vibrating belts. People are told that they can wear these belts underneath their clothes and have them exercising their bodies all day and all night, or at least as long as they can stand it.

It often seems that these items come and go really fast on TV, and that’s true because the health claims made are so ridiculous that the FTC usually makes these people pull these commercials as soon as they get wind of them. However, they’ve usually made their money by that time. There are newer styles than what you see in the image above but the concept is the same. Don’t fall for the scam.

If you want to lose weight and get fit, you’re going to have to work for it. There are no easy alternatives, so save your money on these vibrating machines and other items.

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