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Hello, and welcome to the Medical Billing Answers Blog. A quick introduction before I get on with it.

My name is Mitch Mitchell. Most of you won’t know who I am but there are folks who are used to seeing my name, and not only because it’s the same as Jimi Hendrix former drummer.

This is my 5th blog; I already had 5 but I shut one down and have started this one. At some point later on I might introduce some of my other blogs but for now, I’ll just say if you look for my name you’ll find me pretty quickly in other places.

Who is this blog for? That’s really the most important question here so let’s get it out of the way.

Overall it’s for anyone who has questions that they’d like me to answer in an open space. It’s mainly for patients but I will answer some questions from providers (that’s the common name for those who are in health care, physicians, hospitals, others, etc). I will also answer some questions from people looking to get into medical billing or who are studying certain things.

Before I go any further let me share the link to my About page. I share that because not all questions answered will be free. That’s because some things might need to be researched so I can answer them properly and if it’s going to take a significant amount of time that’s going to cost you.

Also, if you’re from a provider and it’s not a very generic question it’s definitely going to cost you something. After all, I am a consultant giving expert advice from 30 years in the business. At least most of it won’t be expensive; I promise you that. 🙂

There’s some information available on the main page, Medical Billing Answers, and sometimes I might direct people to some of the content there; no charge. lol

Some of the articles that are on that page now will be moved to this blog. The reason for that is simple and twofold.

One, by doing that it makes the site searchable, which means there’s a greater possibility that I’ve already written about something you might want to learn in the blog. And, once I’ve written about it if it doesn’t already exist then it’ll be searchable.

Two, purely for what’s known as “search engine optimization” purposes, it’s easier adding new content to the site via the blog rather than having to write an article and then fit it into the format of the articles already on the blog. This means, hopefully, that I’ll be able to write more content since I’ll be eliminating the time it takes to do it the other way.

Also, this blog will sometimes have articles on health issues, some of it self help, some of it commentary. There might be the occasion where a medical professional might want to offer up something and if it passes muster I’ll share it on this blog.

Overall I’m not in the guest posting field and if it comes from someone other than a doctor, clinician, technician or even someone in the medical billing field it’s not showing up here; I’ve already had times in the past on another blog where people who had no idea what they were talking about submitted articles to me for publication, and I immediately knew they weren’t in the field.

My guarantee for this blog is that everything you see here is as accurate as it can be… commentary notwithstanding. As with everything else, sometimes there’s going to be discrepancies (to vaccinate or not?); that’s how the world goes.

We can handle that can’t we? As long as decorum is maintained, we’ll all be good.

By the way, every post will also have an image, but I’m not going to guarantee that the image will always match the content. Medical billing isn’t normally considered all that photogenic. At the very least I’ll try not to have many pictures of myself here; that’s the most I can promise. 😉

Also, the theme might change at some point; I really just wanted to get going.

Thank you for your indulgence on this first post, which I already know most people will never see, even though initially it’ll be what’s called “sticky”, which means for at least the first 5 or 6 posts this will be at the top to hopefully give anyone who stops by some notice as to what we’re all about. As I said, my name is Mitch; welcome! 🙂

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