The news isn’t good. There are more people being diagnosed with diabetes than ever before, and the numbers are growing fast. The bigger problem is that there are a higher number of people walking around with the symptoms, not knowing they have it, and thus not doing anything about it.

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Diabetes is one of those diseases that’s irreversible, for the most part. It can be controlled to the point where some people believe they’ve been cured of it, but that’s just not going to happen. Instead, by following certain diets and possibly using certain medications, one can live a full and regular life, but the potential dangers will always be there.

But those people who are walking around now knowing are potential time bombs. When caught early, diabetes can be easily controlled. But for those who discover it late, they may be ill prepared for all the changes they’ll have to go through, some of which are much more drastic than someone who figured things out earlier.

One of the earliest signs of possible diabetes is vision problems. You’ll notice this easier if you have regular eye checkups. A sign that you should pay attention to is if you see pretty well in the morning, but start having problems focusing later on during the day, especially after eating meals. If you’re having problems seeing those road signs, it could be an indication that you have diabetes.

Another sign is increased thirst. If you find that you’ve just finished drinking something and you immediately need more to drink, and that’s not been a pattern you’ve had all your life, that could be an indication of diabetes. Something else is going to the bathroom a lot even though you’re not drinking much more than you used to. What’s harder to figure out is if you’ve always drank a lot of liquids and are now going to the bathroom more often, because that could be a sign of some other issue.

Some people find out they’re diabetic when they suddenly start losing a lot of weight without changing their eating habits. This could also be indicative of many other things, so this one is a sign to see a doctor in any case.

Finally, if you start noticing a sweet taste in your mouth on a consistent basis, or your breath starts smelling sweeter, whether you or someone else notices, it could be an indication that it’s time to be checked for diabetes. You’ll notice it during times when you haven’t had any dessert in awhile.

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